I build creatures through drawing, painting and installation. By creatures, I mean, animals, plants and flowers, hybrids, structures, shapes, etc. that are androgynous. These are settled in a fictional, mostly natural environment, and interact with the viewer through non-verbal language. They are charged with psychological/spiritual subjects and suggest archetypal patterns.

The source of my artwork is made out of drawings and paintings. These mediums easily unify the expression of the unconscious and conscious, spontaneity and rationality. Hand traces, fingerprints, erasings and other expressive motions are part of the build up – they often open to unfamiliarities and create direct contact to intuition. I use different sizes of paper, pencils, colored pencils, acrylic paint, watercolors and pastels. The creative energy of my psychic database is channeled through an ungraspable universal force : absorptions are reduced to intentions, emotions, movements, sequences, processes and concepts. The hand is the vector which directs the energy into matter. Some existing creatures are transfered into an installation, others are being regrouped and extended into a large painting.

The term creature expresses most of all its concept of vitality. Each creature is an energetic presence that communicates an intention. Vice versa : all energetic presences can be turned into creatures with the power of imagination. Anthropomorphism, zoomorphism, synesthesia, and animism can be found in daily activities – everything one encounters has the potential to be a messenger. As imagination sprouts out of each one’s interiority, the creatures also invite to explore the inner microcosms that we all are made of.

Encounters are photographs of creatures I came across during my day-to-day life. Little Cosmo regroups pictures of workshops I did with children, teenagers and adults. Meet a creature gives you the opportunity to buy a personalized creation. This site is a process in constant movement and changes accordingly.

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