Shift regroups a few creatures that arised through some drawings I did in 2020. Its surface is a square canvas that mesures 2 x 2 m. The dark green part represents at first sight an undefined/unknown area that is foggy. The V-(shaped)creature is a Vessel and embodies V-starting words like Vulva, Vibration, Vision, Vastness, Vitality, Visit, Virtue, Values, Veracity, Valorous, etc. The angle of this shape points to the undefined/unknown area – the Source. There are three different groups of flowers that interact with each other. The foreground raised three primary colored creature-structures, each expresses a diverse purpose. Through their spines and agility, they protect themselves and the Source. The spider’s creative force unifies them – its net initiates interdependency. The positions of the structures, the half-circles, the arrows and the snail indicate a common intention. The blossoming accentuates evolution. There is an animal track. The butterfly symbolizes transformation and lightness, the frog amplifies the force of healing. The crescent moon shines while the sky turns slowly dark.