Each one of us lives in a separate universe, 100 x 60 cm, acrylic on paper, 2015

Photography © Franck Alix

The source of Room 203 is a painting I did in 2015. It’s titled Each one of us lives in a separate universe. I transfered this painting into a space at the "Institut supérieur des arts de Toulouse" for my master diploma in 2019. The project took place in the room 203 – there were parallels between the space and the painting. The bed is built so that its measures are bigger than an usual bed. The worn costume is the pictural element that creates this "living painting" only by its presence and interactions in the room. The yellow rabbit represents his interior emotional state through his appearance. The degraded yellow color of his skin symbolizes his inner discomfort. His unconscious is represented by him sitting on the bed. Together they are referring to dreams, imagination and introspection. He opens himself through letting visitors into his intimate space. He speaks a non-verbal language that gets activated through his presence, his gaze, his body postures and his movements in the space. Inviting people into his room and showing himself vulnerable, is only the beginning of transferring his desires, fantasies and fears into the world. The drawing and the video of Orange creature are present. A white box containing all of my drawings is put against the wall. A door is hiding a small and dark chamber behind the bed. The atmosphere is uncanny and the sound of drips falling regularly can be heard. A plant is growing in a plastic recipient.

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