1) Inspired creation/Hybrid
Is there one (or more) creature(s) on this site who you particularly resonate with ?
Let me know about your preferences and you'll get a drawing/painting inspired by one (or more) existing work(s). 

2) Your intention
Do you have a vision, a thought, or a concept in mind ? Do you feel an emotion/experience which could get a unique physical form ? Share your ideas and your intention will be materialized through a drawing/painting.

For both options :
After contacting me at so.dumitrescu1@gmail.com, I'll ask you some questions in order to clearly understand the specific energy and intentions you would like the creation to embody. Various dimensions are possible and we can discuss the price together. The creation is done in a consciously chosen environment and with the appropriate attitude. The order is prepaired with care and send via letter or package. The shipment is not included and will be added to the price according to its size.

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